• Tuesday, March 2, 2021

iDEAL payments, Managed Cloud Hosting & Password Manager

Last week we have been very busy with the expansion of Stuxhost. Introducing a new service, payment method and handy free tool for all our customers.

To start with, we have added the iDEAL payment method for all Dutch customers. With iDEAL you can pay directly from any Dutch bank.

Managed Nextcloud Hosting

Recently we have received a number of requests for cloud hosting. We immediately got to work and opted for the Nextcloud infrastructure. Nextcloud is an open source project based on OwnCloud, in addition to the basic file hosting functions we have added a number of extensions such as Nextlcoud Talk, a calendar, contacts and more.

You can find an overview of our packages here.

Password Mananger

Finally, we have introduced a Password Manager for all new and existing customers. This manager can easily be found when you are logged in, you can find it under your account menu.

All your passwords for the services that you purchase from Stuxhost will be in it and you can also add, modify or delete new passwords yourself.